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Abbottstown Borough Committee Members and Appointments

Abbottstown Borough Committee Members and Appointments

Appointments to Committees

Sidewalk and Streets Committee: 
Finance and Budget Committee:  
Personnel Committee:   
Parks & Recreation Committee:

Dale Reichert, Mayor Dan Watkins, Dr. Bolton
Borough Council, Mayor, Treasurer
Dale Reichert, Laura Baker
Laura Baker, Dr. Bolton, Ron Arbogast

Organization Representatives 

York Adams Tax Bureau (YATB):  
Adams County Tax Collection Committee (ACTCC):  
Adams County Council of Governments (ACCOG):  
Adams County Boroughs Association (ACBA):
Pennsylvania State Boroughs Association (PSAB):

Dennis Posey, Dr. Bolton
Dennis Posey, Dr. Bolton
April O’Brien
April O’Brien

Boards, Authorities and Commissions

Abbottstown-Paradise JSA (APJSA):

VACANT                  exp 12/31/2024
Dennis Posey          exp 12/31/2026
April O'Brien            exp 12/31/2028

 East Berlin Area Community Center (EBACC): 

VACANT               exp 12/31/2023
Mary Galantino    exp 12/31/2025
Dennis Posey       exp 12/31/2027

Abbottstown Borough Zoning Hearing Board:

Jerry Lillich             exp 12/31/2023
Mary Galantino      exp 12/31/2024
Sandy Myers          exp 12/31/2025

Appointed Personal and Organizations

Borough Manager/Secretary/Treasurer 
Assistant Secretary 
Sewage Enforcement Officer 
Emergency Management Coordinator 
Open Records Officer 
PA One Call representative 
Zoning Officer/Code/Permits & Inspect 
Vacancy Board Chair
Web & Social Media Administrator 
Flag Master 
Safety Committee 
Flood Plain Coordinator

Erik Vranich, PE, Keller Engineers
Tim Shultis, Salzmann Hughes
Boyer & Ritter
Dr. David W. Bolton, Ph.D., MBA, CBO
Laura Baker
Bryan Leese, Keller Engineers
Daniel W. Watkins, Sr.
Dr. David W. Bolton; Laura Baker (alt)
Dale Reichert, Dr. David W. Bolton (alt)
PA Municipal Code Alliance 
Michelle Watson
Dr. David W. Bolton and Loretta Weaver
Dr. David W. Bolton
Dale Reichert, Chief Graham, Dr. Bolton
PA Municipal Code Alliance